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‘The Companion’ will help you build a stronger work file by providing an analytical approach for determining adjustments in the Sales Comparison Approach, providing you with comments and certification clarifications to assist you in making your report USPAP compliant, and field by field instruction through the 1004, 2055, and 1004MC. We also keep you up to date with the latest industry news from the GSEs as well other relevant news from our industry.
Yes, as a member, ABC’s trained staff and AQB Certified USPAP Instructors are available to you online. Just ‘Ask Us’ and we will respond within a reasonable amount of time with guidance as to how you should proceed with your current appraisal related question.
Absolutely. We offer a 14 day, 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We are that confident you will see the benefits of ABC. There is no ‘trial’ offer and your card will be charged upon registration, but you will be refunded if you are not completely satisfied in the 14 days.
No, ‘The Companion’ is designed and formatted for real estate appraisers in the United States that adhere to USPAP, and who follow Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, FHA/HUD, USDA, and VA guidelines.

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“The Companion is a great piece of mind when completing a report. I now have substantial information to back up my adjustments should they be questioned by anyone. Additionally, knowing that when the out of the ordinary situation comes up, I can ask Frank, Bobby or Diana and receive advice that has years of experience is invaluable.”
Patrick Klier — Austin, TX
“The Companion is a fantastic resource and I believe all appraisers should be using it. Now, more than ever, a well documented work file is critical if the need arises to defend our opinion of value and support the rationale leading to our conclusions. I have been using The Companion on every assignment since I joined and the support from the ABC team has been excellent.”
Jason Fischman, IFA — Los Angeles, CA
“The Companion is by far the best appraisal reference material source that I’ve subscribed to! The website is user friendly and the support staff is great! You can talk to the experienced appraisers that developed and maintain these valuable resources. I truly wish this would have been available when I started appraising over 10 years ago.”
Bob Keeney — Corpus Christi, TX
“Began working as an Appraiser over 20 years ago and this is one of the most valuable Appraisal Tools that I’ve ever discovered. With the tools provided from The Appraiser’s Business Companion, I’m able to deliver Appraisal Reports that provide greater accuracy in determining a credible opinion of value and that is why I spend that additional 5 minutes with my companion on each and every assignment to ensure my Appraisal Report always delivers the accuracy that my clients can depend upon…Thank you.”
Charles Gray — Austin, TX
“I absolutely LOVE this program. The confidence factor is over the top for me now. 21 years of hoping/praying I never get asked for a work file with back up for adjustments has given me many sleepless nights! Now I don’t have to worry about that and it’s such a relief, going forward. Funny thing is, the adjustments with the program are pretty darn close to the typical adjustments used – but now, I have back-up.”
B. Brown — Galena, OH
“All I can say is it’s great and time is not an issue any more. I have not used the highest and best use or weighted analysis yet but I will start now that I have nailed the Allocation/Ratio. The site is great. What took you guys so long to place this on the market, that’s my only complaint. I am very pleased with the service.”
Eddie Garces – Eagle Pass, TX