The Companion Worksheets

The Companion $595 – 2 Activations

‘The Companion’ is available for $595 (6.6% sales tax applicable for Texas residents only. All other states are exempt from sales tax).

To purchase ‘The Companion’ worksheets, click the ‘Buy Now‘ button below. Worksheets include:

  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Adjustment Worksheet
  • Weighted Analysis
  • Economic Life/Effective Age
  • Contract Analysis
  • Extraction Method

Once purchased, you will receive a serial number with two activations. Additional activations can be purchased for an additional $150 for additional users within your office (additional users must be within the same company). Please contact us by emailing [email protected] if you wish to buy additional activations.

Processing this transaction could take up to 24 hours. We are at the mercy of Paypal on this and there is no way to expedite the processing of your transaction. Hopefully, you will receive an email soon, but please be patient and allow 24 hours (check your ‘spam’ folder if it doesn’t come to your inbox). If you don’t receive an email with your activation serial numbers in that timeframe, please contact us at [email protected]. All sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Requirements for ‘The Companion’:
You must have Microsoft Office with Excel, 2007 or later version with 32-bit.

Not sure if your version of Excel is sufficient?

  • Open a blank worksheet in Excel
  • Click “File”
  • Click “Account”
  • Click “About Excel” off to the right