Companion Key Features

The Companion is an online tool for real estate appraisers that will offer support with the appraisal process. We provide everything you need to support the best appraisal reports possible.  With ur worksheets and additional Comments and Certifications,  The Companion provides your work file with all the support necessary for credible assignment results.

  • Easy to use spreadsheets

    The Companion features step-by-step, easy-to-use spreadsheets that will assist you in producing a stronger work file and provide support for your adjustments (land values, amenities, etc.).  It will also aid in determining economic life/effective age, highest and best analysis, and much more.

  • Great trainee resource

    Are you sponsoring a trainee? Let ‘The Companion’ assist you by being their resource for supporting a highest & best use analysis, supporting adjustments, obtaining an opinion of land value using the extraction method or allocation/ratio method, support for economic life and effective age, and supporting a value opinion using quantitative and qualitative analyses, as well as providing numerous suggested comments and certifications that can easily be transferred into the appraisal report.

Customer Testimonials


“The Companion is a great piece of mind when completing a report. I now have substantial information to back up my adjustments should they be questioned by anyone. Additionally, knowing that when the out of the ordinary situation comes up, I can receive advice that has years of experience is invaluable.”
Patrick Klier — Austin, TX
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