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Companion Key Features

The Companion is an online tool for real estate appraisers that will offer guidance and support with the appraisal process. We provide everything you need to produce the best appraisal reports possible. From our worksheets, comments and certifications, our AQB Certified USPAP Instructor support, to keeping up with changes in the appraisal industry, The Companion does it all.

  • Easy to use spreadsheets

    The Companion features step-by-step, easy-to-use spreadsheets that will assist you in producing a stronger work file and provide support for your adjustments (land values, amenities, etc.) It will also aid in determining economic life/effective age, highest and best analysis, and much more.

  • Great trainee resource

    Are you sponsoring a trainee? Let us assist you by being their resource for field-by-field guidance on the 1004, 1004MC, and 2055, as well as providing numerous suggested comments and certifications that can easily be transferred into the appraisal report.

  • World class support

    Have an appraisal-related question? We have AQB Certified USPAP Instructors on staff available to you for guidance when you need it. We have the answers to any question or scenario you might encounter from sources you can trust.

Customer Testimonials

“The few things I have noticed so far that I like is the “Ask us A Question” box on the side of the page.  It seems that the response time is super fast now which is so helpful and the detail of the response exceeded expectations!!!   I love the  “ABC Tip of the Week with Diana Jacob”.  I listened to one of them and am hooked.   Her knowledge of the subject matter and her style of conveying it provides a memorable learning experience.  The “help” sections in “The Companion” have been very useful.  What you offer through your website has helped me through some tough situations and I am confident, now, that I have the information I need to back up my reports.    Thank you for all you do!!!!”
“Peri Jordan – Austin,TX”
“I have been using the ABC system on my appraisal work…and the numbers are working well.  The value derived from the ABC system is consistent with the appraisal process I have used in the past. I feel confident the system will work for me and I like that the system allows me to save the support in my work file at the time of analysis… Thank you for taking the time to explain the system and providing your appraisal process to fellow appraisers, like me.”
“Lee Hollingsworth – Spicewood, TX”
“All I can say is it’s great and time is not an issue any more.  I have not used the highest and best use or weighted analysis yet but I will start now that I have nailed the Allocation/Ratio.  The site is great.  What took you guys so long to place this on the market, that’s my only complaint.  I am very pleased with the service.”
“Eddie Garces – Eagle Pass, TX”
“One of the best items for use by appraisers is “The Companion” because it gives the appraiser all of the tools needed to be in compliance with UAD and USPAP.  It provides you with all the information you need for a solid work file.”
“Jerry Whitley — Seguin, TX”
“I subscribed to Appraiser’s Business Companion in Feb 2014 confident that it would be a top notch product.  I have known Bobby Crisp, Frank Baker and Diana Jacob for years and have great respect for their knowledge, experience, professionalism and integrity.  I am confident the recommendations they provide via Appraiser’s Business Companion are in compliance and spot on because they have done the research for me.  I appreciate having access to the information provided on the website because it supplies me with all of the tools necessary to make me a better appraiser.  And if I cannot find the answer I am looking for on the website, all I have to do is utilize the “ask us” tab and I will have my answer prior to the end of the day, in most cases.  I highly recommend Appraiser’s Business Companion for all appraisers!  Best money you can spend!”
“Kim Mitchell – Garden Ridge, TX”
“The Companion is an outstanding resource for appraisers. It allows the appraiser to provide a superior report and analysis that is well documented.  Y’all have a great product! Keep up the good work.”
“Scott Craft — Garland, TX”
“The Companion is by far the best appraisal reference material source that I’ve subscribed to! The website is user friendly and the support staff is great! You can talk to the experienced appraisers that developed and maintain these valuable resources.  I truly wish this would have been available when I started appraising over 10 years ago. I highly recommend this subscription to appraisers and other real estate professionals!”
“Bob Keeney — Corpus Christi, TX”
“The Companion is a fantastic resource and I believe all appraisers should be using it. Now, more than ever, a well documented work file is critical if the need arises to defend our opinion of value and support the rationale leading to our conclusions. I have been using The Companion on every assignment since I joined and the support from the ABC team has been excellent.”
“Jason Fischman, IFA — Los Angeles, CA”
“Best money I have spent on my business in a long time!”
“Sheron Taylor — Allen, TX”
“The allocation ratio method has taken some time to get use to, but putting together the templates (through your suggestions) has helped out significantly. But as I noted when I purchased the subscription I saw an even bigger value in the documentation and links to the different portion of the URAR through the view of FHA, VA and Fannie Mae. The written descriptions, direction and explanation on each section of the report has been an enormous help. It helped me move toward making my report more well defined in the scope of work and significantly more defensible for the would be reader who may not understand appraising but is interested in finding a way to attack the appraiser. The written suggestions for protection against the outside world reading my report in opinion was worth the annual subscription. Throw in the Allocation Ration method (now thanks to CU is also very important) and this is a product that is definitely worth the expense. I thank you for quick response to my questions and to the general updates that you provide to all of your clients. You have done everything you said you would and more. My thanks to both of you and I really do appreciate the product you have provided.”
“Brad Bassi — Temecula, CA”
“I have sent appraisers to your website to learn about adjustments, as well as having templates for comments.  Your site meets a great need.  Every appraiser in the country should be using The Companion.”
“Timothy C. Andersen, AQB Certified USPAP Instructor — Palm Beach Gardens, FL”
“I utilized the spreadsheets today and am very pleased with the results. My background is in economics and regression analysis and therefore I use the same appraisal methodology and logic as your spreadsheets provide. Although I have other spreadsheets that I’ve developed for use, they are somewhat limited. I find that your formats are very complete and perfect for my workfile.  Thank you.”
“Thomas Farmer — Houston, TX”
“The Companion is a great piece of mind when completing a report.  I now have substantial information to back up my adjustments should they be questioned by anyone.  Additionally, knowing that when the out of the ordinary situation comes up, I can ask Frank, Bobby or Diana and receive advice that has years of experience is invaluable.”
“Patrick Klier — Austin, TX”
“I would like to take a moment to thank you for The Companion. I doubt many of us have been doing weighted sales analysis or allocation either often enough or correctly. This product is awesome! Although I hope I never have to, I would argue the workfile’s data and analysis with much more confidence using ABC. Being rather old school, I still like my matched-pair analysis, and The Companion has resulted in essentially the same psf adjustment each time I’ve used it…with better file documentation. I’m not a fan of using regression as the sole basis of the development of an opinion of value, or even adjustments, since I know the MLS data is only as good as the data input…which is terrible. This software allows much more user input (i.e. weeding out and translating MLS data).”
“Bob Hatfield — Waco, TX”
“I do not know what I would do without The Companion and all the other benefits you get with ABC.  The Companion is VERY easy to use and understand!  Thank you Frank and Bobby for developing such a wonderful  website. What a lifesaver it has been.”
“Brian Frank — Bartlett, IL”
“Began working as an Appraiser over 20 years ago and this is one of the most valuable Appraisal Tools that I’ve ever discovered. With the tools provided from The Appraisal Business Companion, I’m able to deliver Appraisal Reports that provide greater accuracy in determining a credible opinion of value and that is why I spend that additional 5 minutes with my companion on each and every assignment to ensure my Appraisal Report always delivers the accuracy that my clients can depend upon…Thank you.”
“Charles Gray — Austin, TX”
“I have a trainee who was going for her certification license with Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.  I have been using The Companion for almost a year now and incorporated the Allocation/Ratio, Weighted Analysis, Highest and Best Use, and many of the certifications and comments within our reports and work file.  When the State of Texas requested the work file for those assignments she had assisted with, I felt comfortable knowing those files were in compliance with USPAP.  She was granted her license shortly thereafter.  I give The Companion a lot of the credit.”
“Wade Jordan — Garden Ridge, TX”
“The Companion is by far the best appraisal reference material source that I’ve subscribed to! The website is user friendly and the support staff is great! You can talk to the experienced appraisers that developed and maintain these valuable resources.”
“Bob Keeney – Corpus Christi, TX”

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ‘The Companion’ really help me and my appraisal business?

‘The Companion’ will help you build a stronger work file by providing an analytical approach for determining adjustments in the Sales Comparison Approach, providing you with comments and certification clarifications to assist you in making your report USPAP compliant, and field by field instruction through the 1004, 2055, and 1004MC. We also keep you up to date with the latest industry news from the GSEs as well other relevant news from our industry.

Is there a refund if I’m not totally satisfied?

Absolutely. We offer a 14 day, 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We are that confident you will see the benefits of ABC. There is no ‘trial’ offer and your card will be charged upon registration, but you will be refunded if you are not completely satisfied in the 14 days.

Does ABC really provide one on one support when I have a question about an assignment?

Yes, as a member, ABC’s trained staff and AQB Certified USPAP Instructors are available to you online. Just ‘Ask Us’ and we will respond within a reasonable amount of time with guidance as to how you should proceed with your current appraisal related question.

Since ABC is located in Texas, does this mean all comments, etc. are designed for Texas appraisers?

No, ‘The Companion’ is designed and formatted for real estate appraisers in the United States that adhere to USPAP, and who follow Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, FHA/HUD, USDA, and VA guidelines.

Can’t find an answer?

ABC has compiled comments for almost every scenario that you may come across when appraising real estate, numerous additional certifications that should be in your report to protect you, and resources you can turn to when you do have questions.

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