The Appraiser’s Business Companion (“The Companion”)

building-smallABC Appraisal Management Company, PLLC dba Appraiser’s Business Companion (ABC is not an AMC), was created to address the need for more training in the appraisal industry. The Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) recognizes this as well and are pushing states to provide more training and continuing education for their appraisers. They want to be assured that the loans they are securing have appraisals that were performed by knowledgeable, competent appraisers. Some appraisers did not receive adequate training, and some have let their knowledge get a little rusty. To rectify this, two real estate appraisers, who possess years of training and experience, created The Appraiser’s Business Companion (“The Companion”).

The Companion consists of report guidance, spreadsheets for determining adjustments,  online FAQs, and live support.  AQB Certified USPAP instructors are on staff to provide guidance through the appraisal report, field-by-field, and page-by-page for the 1004, 2055, and more. We offer suggestions as to what should be entered into every field, as well as guidance on what is required by the UAD/UCDP, Fannie Mae, FHA/USDA, VA, and USPAP.  We have comments, certifications, and suggestions that can be copied and pasted into your report for compliance with the GSEs and USPAP.  The biggest issues state regulatory bodies have with appraisals are unsupported adjustments and an incomplete work file. The Companion’s spreadsheets will help you create that stronger work file by determining land values, dollar adjustments for differences in amenities, a highest and best use analysis, economic life/effective age analysis, and a weighted analysis for reconciling your final determination of value.

Let us assist you in producing the best report possible while keeping you compliant with your state regulatory agency. Our FAQs have common questions and responses to almost every scenario you might have with a property. If, for some reason, the answer to your question is not addressed on our site, send us your question through our direct contact link, ‘Ask Us’, and we will give you guidance on how you should proceed with your current issue. We are here for you when you need us. Give us a try and see how we can help you build a better report.

Join today by clicking the Register button and give The Companion a try for a 14-day risk-free trial, with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally convinced. We are that confident The Companion will become your best appraisal tool.  If you have additional questions, feel free to click the ‘contact us’ button above or call us at 210-418-5ABC (222).

Example of a completed Allocation-Ratio Method

Example of a completed Weighted Analysis